A Bankruptcy Lawyer in Rockville, MD, You Can Depend On

With inflation rising and prices going up as a result, it’s becoming harder and harder for people to make ends meet. When the demands of debt, mortgage payments, and overdue bills become too difficult to face, we are ready to help you at The Coyle Law Group. As a bankruptcy lawyer in Rockville, MD, we work with clients every day who face overwhelming financial difficulties and need our support. You can trust us to provide the legal guidance you require.

Why Bankruptcy is a Viable Option

The stress of paying bills and facing long-term debt cannot be overstated, but when you find yourself in that situation and feel there’s no way out, we can help you. Bankruptcy is an option that is designed to help you get back on an even financial footing with the help of our law firm at The Coyle Law Group.

Declaring bankruptcy is not an admission of failure. It’s a reasonable step to take when all other options have been exhausted. Many of us can get blindsided by an unexpected issue that derails our finances, such as an illness or job loss. When you meet with us, we’ll explain how bankruptcy can stop a foreclosure and prevent similar adverse financial outcomes. We will help you determine whether you should file for Chapter 7, 11, or 13 bankruptcy.

Helping You Make the Decision

The team at our law firm knows the ins and outs of filing bankruptcy and will be able to determine which chapter – 7, 11, or 13 – will work best for you.

You should understand your rights in this situation, and we take the time to thoroughly go over all the pertinent details so you have a clear picture of your options. You will understand the benefits and drawbacks of each one, and we’ll stand by you along the way to make sure you’re protected.